The Last Ballot Cast, Part 1 & Part 2 [Jim McGill novels #4 & 5]

The Last Ballot Cast    The Last Ballot Cast is a story so big it has to be told in two parts. With his son and his wife, the president of the United States, both near death, Jim McGill makes a choice that may save, or lose, both of them.
   As McGill makes his agonizing decision, an old nemesis, Dr. Damon Todd, escapes from CIA custody. Breaking out with Todd are two former covert operatives whose past is so bloody the Agency had to retire them. Now, all three are targeting McGill.
   In Patti's absence, Acting President Wyman has to find a way to bring Reverend Burke Godfrey to justice without causing a massacre. Captain Welborn Yates draws a bead on the car thief who killed his best friends and travels to the Caribbean to set up an ambush.
   All that is but the preface for the dirtiest, three-candidate presidential election in the country's history.When all is said and done, every big question is answered, including one that concerns us all in an election year: Does one person's vote matter?

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